Religion is taken as, generally, the way of living and mode of interacting to others in this planet. In Orthodox societies, it is the way of Rituals and ill-mannered custom (according to modern world), Once people accustomed of these, the life gets bizarre. Like occupancy of theocracy in European societies centuries ago, abandoned the modern thinking, innovation, research for the life. Each invention or discovery had needed approval from Church to penetrate for public. Once this bonding of Innovation and religion scrutiny loosen up, the field of science acquired new stages of development and West controlled the steering wheel of World’s prosperity. While the cultures and regions that didn’t bother to shake themselves to alter orthodoxy preserved inside, got punch on their face. For instance, Middle Eastern states were victim of this debacle of turning down technology and innovation due to poor leadership skills and lack of foresightedness of the global environment.

The two homosapien in frame belonging different class of views. The One, state head of an middle-eastern countries, demanding the support to invest and help his country’s economic situation from the Other One, Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, is richest person on the globe due to innovation & technology, promising his support to richest kingdom. However, now middle eastern states approach has got on right track but they will mostly stay behind the West due to first mover advantage.

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